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Wet/Dry Vacuums

Why is there dust coming out the exhaust port?

If the dust isn’t being stopped by the filter and is being exhausted out of the blower port and back into the air. This can be caused by a hole in the filter, the filter not being properly installed, or the dust being too fine for the filter.  Please remove and reinstall filter.

Why did my vacuum lose suction?

The most common causes of loss of suction are dirty filters or a clog in the hose. To troubleshoot, remove the hose from the vacuum, place your hand at the opening of the tank inlet and turn the vac on.If you feel suction at the inlet, the issue is with your hose or accessories. Check your hose and accessories for a clog. If no clogs are found, check the hose for a hole or crack - even a small crack can cause a loss of suction. If a crack or hole is found, replace the hose.

Is your filter clogged?

Sucking up several substances with the filter in the vacuum will at one point need some maintenance. When it is not properly maintained, it will clog and blow out the water instead of sucking it in.  Please uninstall foam filter, wash, and try again.

What is the open port on the back of my vacuum?

This is the blower port. You can connect your hose to this port and use it as a blower to blow leaves from your garage, walkway etc. Many blower ports are open and do not have a cap. This is normal. 

Air Compressors

Can I use an extension cord with my compressor?

It's recommended the compressor is directly plugged into the wall outlet.  If an extension cord is needed, consider a longer air hose.

Why is the tool side gauge reading 0?

Adjust regulator to set the desired tool side pressure gauge.

Why is my compressor not building any pressure?

Please make sure compressor is plugged in and check for leaks.  Be sure to turn regulator knob counterclockwise to build tank pressure and adjust to set tool side.

What type of quick connections do I use?

Please use any type M quick connectors.

General Questions

Who should I contact regarding warranty?

If you need help regarding warranty, please contact the helpline: 1-888-899-0146.